Tall Tweets helps you write tweets longer than 280 characters. You can publish mini-essays, paste Word documents, press releases and other long snippets of text on Twitter without any limits. You can even highlight text in picture tweets.

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I am using Tall Tweets to write longer status messages on Twitter http://t.co/hM9SUYkV68 via @labnol

— Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) April 2, 2013

Why Tall Tweets?

Tall Tweets lets you compose both tweetstorms and text shots (or text screenshots). The tweetstorm format will slice your lengthy essay into multiple tweets of 280 characters and tweets them all in sequence automatically.

If you opt for Tweet Shots, the app will convert your rich text into an image, rendered in Google's Roboto font, and posts the picture in a single tweet thus allowing you to bypass the 280 character limit.

See sample tweetshot and tweetstorm tweets sent through Talltweets or watch the video to know more.